Schedule of Retreats and Daylongs

What might you expect at a Residential Retreat?

What might you expect at a Daylong?

Dharma WheelHeather's 2021 Retreat Teaching Schedule

January 2021 - Year 2 MahaSati 2020 Training Begins
January 2021 - Year 6 MahaSati Group 1 (CSP) Begins

MahaSati Advanced Retreat ONLINE (For those in long-term MahaSati training)
January 10 - 17 (7 nights)

Heather will be teaching the Cloud Mountain Winter Monthlong Retreat in 2021 - CANCELED UNTIL IT'S SAFER

Saturday April 17th (starts at 9am PDT) - Tuesday April 20 (ends at 6pm PDT)
Awakening In The Body ONLINE - Mindfulness of the Nervous System, Energy Practice, 1st Foundation of Mindfulness Retreat
In this retreat, Heather will share with you 25 of her favorite Body Practices, along with teachings, handouts and recordings you can use ongoing.

This retreat is hosted by Heather and outreach is by word of mouth.  Please tell your friends!
Contact: Volunteer Sarah at sarah.sinray<at> 
Registration closes on Monday April 12th.

Saturday April 24 Zoom Daylong ONLINE – hosted by SIM

Suchness: Understanding Conditions, Responding with Compassion
From 10am - 3:30pm PDT (lunch break from Noon - 1pm)
You must register in advance at 

May 16-23 (Sunday - Sunday, 7 nights) MahaSati (Wisdom Awareness) Retreat ONLINE
Registration Opens March 25, 2021.  This Retreat Fills Fast!  Contact Heather to be put on the 'Registration Is Open' email.
Registration opens March 22 for those in any of the ongoing MahaSati Trainings, who have initital priority for attending this retreat.
Pre-requisite of at least 14 nights of previous retreat. 
Contact: Amanda 
For more on MahaSati (Wisdom Awareness):

June 4 - 6 Women's Weekend with Heather (Friday afternoon/evening - Sunday afternoon/evening - depending on time zone)
Includes teachings and practices on the themes of The Body (mindfulness of the nervous system and optional Qi Gong),
The Heart (lovingkindness, compassion, joy, equanimity), and Awareness (including energy, suchness and wholeness).
Website:  Hosted by Southern Dharma

July 24-27 (Saturday at 9am PT - Tuesday at 6pm PT, 4 full days) Insight Meditation Retreat ONLINE
Website: - registration should be listed by April 15th

August 8-13 (Sunday - Friday, 5 nights) "Suchness:  Understanding Conditions, Responding with Compassion" hosted by Dharma Zephyr

In Person at Lake Tahoe (right on the Lake!) PLUS an Online Option for folks who would rather retreat from home.
Heather will be zooming in for this retreat.

Euope Teaching:  Heather Is/Was? Scheduled to Teach Retreats at Gaia House (England) and Sweden in September 2021.
-  Sweden retreat - unfortunately Canceled (post-poned until September 2022 or 2023)
-  Gaia House England Retreat;  September 14 - 23 (uncertain)

November 5 - 13 (Friday - Sunday, 9 nights) MahaSati (Wisdom Awareness) Retreat 
Hosted by Southern Dharma ONLINE OR In Person (depending on conditions).
We will decide whether the retreat is online or in person by early August.
Pre-requisite of at least 10 nights of previous retreat.  

December 3-10 (Friday - Friday, 7 nights) Cloud Mountain 
MahaSati (Wisdom Awareness) Retreat 
UNCERTAIN IF IT'S HAPPENING IN PERSON, will not have an online option  
Pre-requisite of at least 14 nights of previous retreat
www.cloudmountain.or- in WA state

December 18-23 (Saturday - Thursday, 5 nights) Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Winter Solstice Retreat - ONLINE  
Taught with Oren Sofer & Dawn Scott

What might you expect at a Residential Retreat?

Attending an annual or biannual insight meditation retreat can be a wonderful support to deepen and enliven your practice. Residential retreats range from 3 – 10 days, and a few retreats are 30 days or more. Retreats are appropriate for both beginning and experienced meditators. A typical daily schedule starts at 6am and ends at 9:30pm, and is spent in silence with alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. To support your practice and learning there are daily meditation instructions, time to ask questions and dharma talks. Every couple of days there is time to meet with the teacher, either individually or in groups. Meals are vegetarian and are prepared with health and nutrition in mind. Being supported by the group, the schedule, the silence, and meditation instruction are helpful for calming the mind, opening the heart, and deepening in insight.

What might you expect at a Daylong?

Attending a monthly daylong provides you with a day of quiet time for yourself amidst your busy life.  Daylongs typically begin between 9-10am and last until 5pm. Alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation with instruction, dharma talks and discussion allow you to connect more deeply with the teachings and meditation practice.