Heather Sundberg - Insight Meditation Teacher

Individual Meditation Support Sessions

Individual Meditation Sessions - Contact info@HeatherSundberg.com

Why Individual Sessions?

Whether beginners or advanced, many students of meditation find that an ongoing
personal relationship with a teacher is important to maintain inspiration for meditation
practice and navigate the personal/interpersonal issues involved in bringing the
practices of mindfulness and compassion more fully into your life. Heather offers
once a month meditation-support sessions to individuals in person or by phone on a
30 minute, or 55 minute basis.
What might meditation-support sessions include?

A typical meditation counseling session may include a short beginning meditation
and intention setting, followed by a short check in about your meditation or daily
life mindfulness practice, followed by in depth transformative work around bridging
your spiritual practice and your daily life and relationships.
Common topics explored in the sessions include:
-  Checking in about meditation practice, including teachings & instructions to
deepen practice.
-  Bringing the tools learned in meditation into daily life situations.
-  Working with limiting self-judgments, difficult emotions & relationships.
-  Celebrating growth and transformation, supporting integration.
Sessions could also include ritual, writing, singing and movement as appropriate.
How much does it cost?

In accordance with the tradition of Insight Meditation, the sessions are offered on a
donation basis. Heather’s entire livelihood is sustained by donations, and she
can provide you with a suggested donation sliding scale upon request.
What modalities influence Heather’s work?

In addition to her years of meditation practice and teaching experience, Heather’s
work with students is influenced by her training in Somatic Experiencing, a
body-based trauma therapy developed by Peter Levine, as well as her training in
Hakomi mindfulness-based somatic therapy. Heather’s work is also influenced by her
love of ritual, singing and chanting, writing, and Qi Gong.
Whom might the work be appropriate for?

These days, Heather’s individual practice remains consistently full.  Heather prioritizes new
students in her individual practice who sit residential retreats with her.  She also maintains a wait
list for future openings.  The sessions are not to be used as a replacement for
psycho-therapy.  The sessions are not available on a ‘drop-in’ basis, but for students
who are interested in ongoing inner work.

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